MOPS last meeting - this Thursday from 10am-2pm

Hi there,

We are having our final MOPS meeting this Thursday from 10am-2pm at Cornerstone in the Big Ark Room. We will have a picnic lunch and honor those that have helped make MOPS great this year. We'll also introduce our new steering team for next year. 

We're serving picnic lunch, please bring one of the following:
Kristin's group-desserts
Melanie's group - side dishes
Aprils group - 3 doz hamburger buns, 2 doz hot dog buns, drinks (water, lemonade, juice boxes).

Thanks for a great year,


Mops this Thursday

Hi Ladies - MOPS is all about Moms! Come this Thursday to enjoy a Mother's day devotion, craft, and enjoy fun video clips. We're making a barn wood picture frame - so please bring a favorite 4x6 photo.


Essential oils @ MOPS this Thursday

We have MOPS coming up this Thursday and we're going to learn all about essentials oils and common uses from Amber R. and Bridget. Should be lots of fun!!

Ruth's group is on for brunch this time.

See you there,


Big Stone Therapies @ MOPS this Thursday

Hope you can make it to MOPS this Thursday! We will have two speakers from Big Stone Therapies speaking to us about sensory integration with children. We'll also do an ice breaker activity to continue to get to know each other even better.

Phoebe's group is on for brunch.


MOPS this Thursday

Slumber party at MOPS this Thursday. Come wearing your pj's and fuzzy bunny slippers. Esther's group is bringing brunch! Hope to see you there.



Winter is here! Get ready at MOPS this Thursday.

We have MOPS this Thursday. Our guest speaker will be Deputy Brian Richter with the Codington County Sherriff's Office and he will be speaking about winter emergency preparedness. It will be a great opportunity to learn about how to pack your cars for winter :) 

April's group is on for brunch this time.

See you then! 


MOPS this Thursday

Hi Ladies,

We'll be learning about "Grace-based parenting" this week from Sandee Cole, children's ministry coordinator at First United Methodist Church. We'll also be making name tags and Melanie's group will be bring brunch. Looking forward to seeing you!